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South Park Icon Contest

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Greetings and welcome to sp_icontest! This community is for all those creative people who love South Park, icons and a little challenge! Every other week there will be posted a theme with pictures and you will create an icon based on that and which will compete against other icons. You won't need to get a posting access to this community since all submissions are done through commenting.

- Your icons must stay inside the Livejournal stantards: 100x100 or smaller, created in jpg, png or gif formats and are 40kb in size! All icons that do not fit into these standards will be disqualified.

- Your entry must be original! Do not use your friends icons or icons that have been posted somewhere else before.

- Brushes, borders, special effects, text, animation, etc. are allowed for your icons.

- Keep your submission anonymous! Don't show it in icon communities, websites or use it in your LJ before the voting is over. If you do, your icon will be disqualified.

- If you wish to use any of the icons posted for the contest, please credit the artists when they are announced along with the challenge's winner.

- At the beginning of each contest I will make a post where you can reply with your entry. Comments will be screened so the only people who can see your submission is me and any other mods that may be in place.

- You will need a host for your images! I am highly suggesting Photobucket.com and Imageshack.us since they allow directlinking. Geocities, Angelfire or Tripod won't work anymore. If I can't see your icon, it won't be included to the voting post.

- When responding with your submission, please include the IMG SRC and URL like this:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

-Right now a challenge goes up over the weekend of voting, or at the latest when voting for a challenge ends.
-Challenges last two weeks, and voting is over the Friday-Monday at the end of the challenge.
-Winners are posted on Monday, and a new challenge begins or may have already begun!

- You must be a member of the community to vote.
- Do not vote for yourself or your icon will be disqualified.
- Do NOT ask other people to vote for you! That's cheating.

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Rules came from ville_stillness, and have been edited by the current mod: brits_graphics.

These sites all hold pictures from low to high quality. Just click on the LINK's to get a new windows for the sites. We also have caps from past challenges stored in our memories.

Planearium / South Park Studios / Halloween Caps / Die Hippie Die Caps / Simpsons Already Did It Caps / Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society Caps / Summer Sucks Caps