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Do you guys not like the Le Petit Tourette Challenge? We still only have three icons entered, and it's way late...I can cancel and do a new challenge....what do you guys wanna do? I am totally open to ideas and suggestions, but I am without programs to make icons right I need you guys to make some! Is anyone out there?
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What the hell, I'll make one as a gesture of support for the community. (No way I'll get any votes, I've made maybe three icons in my life and they sucked :) But I'll do my best!)
Posted in the challenge thingie. I hope more people follow my lead. C'mon, guys, even if you're not a "pro" iconmaker, just give it a try! You can't be any worse than I am! :)
I'll go and make three icons today. Wanted to do it since some days already, but had no time.
I was having a hard time coming up with something to do for this challenge. The episode seemed like swearing for the sake of it, mostly, to me anyhow.

I think I'll pass on this one, but lots of luck :)