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Challenge the Next! (I forget what number...)

By request, this challenge will be based on the episode Make Love, Not Warcraft. All icons must be related to this episode in some way. There are caps and quotes below, as usual. For those of you who haven't seen the episode, go here, and you can see any and all episodes, without downloading them! Yay! Good luck, and questions-just ask. :-) -Brit

The rules:
[x] must meet LJ standards: 100x100, 40kb or smaller
[x] submit icon and URL
[x] must be made for this challenge specifically
[x] must not be advertised until after winners are announced
[x] must be submitted to this post only, comments will be screened
[x] due by morning of May 2nd 2008.
[x] may submit up to THREE icons

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Brittany the Chipette!

Voting Booth!

Thanks to everyone for entering icons-we got a flood of icons and I am so proud of you guys! :-) YAY YOU! Okay, voting below-a new challenge up soon-looking forward to as many entries again, if not more! :-)

P.S. Anyone got banners for this challenge?

[x] Vote for 3 icons in a comment to this entry only. No more, no less. All comments are screened.
[x] No voting for yourself or getting friends to vote for you.
[x] Good luck and happy voting!

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Brittany the Chipette!


Do you guys not like the Le Petit Tourette Challenge? We still only have three icons entered, and it's way late...I can cancel and do a new challenge....what do you guys wanna do? I am totally open to ideas and suggestions, but I am without programs to make icons right I need you guys to make some! Is anyone out there?