the fine art of falling apart (hfa) wrote in sp_icontest,
the fine art of falling apart

i don't know what's happened to our mod, but i went ahead and did the banners for the last challenge.

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Thank you for the banner. :)
I tried to post these, but apparently I don't have actual posting access to this community.

As far as I know, no one got their banners from the "Superbad Challenge", so I made some for everyone.



i'm not sure what's going on with our mod. i will post these banners. i have posting access. i'd love to start challenges again, but i don't want to take over our mod's community. suggestions?
I wish I had a good suggestion other than contact her.
what do you think of me starting a new one? either a new south park one or a new animated prime time tv one.
Hm, sounds like a good idea, particularly the second idea. But I'm sure this community could be saved. It would be a shame to let this one go to waste.
And what about the texture challenge?

bye :)